Dec 14, 2013


In short, this post is just a memoir of the best and worst of my college experience, from the octopus the cafeteria tried to serve last week, to the wild homework parties in North Phillippe. (And by wild I mean we sat around bemoaning our tragic social lives while eating taffy and attempting to read Beowulf.)

I will never forget the epic war between Wesley Hall and Scott Hall, a night battle filled with watery, floury, glittery, and egg-y projectiles (don't forget the silly-string). Hands down the best mess I've ever made.

Or those days spent making giant M&M costumes and writing a candy "rap" for Famous Duos with one of my good friends. That performance, tho—what can I say? The audience loved us! M&M/Eminem rappers, our first debut: unforgettable. "Ladies and Gents we are more tasty than mints…"

I gave a cataclysmal attempt to bring all my friends to our state fair this year… but we ended up spending half the time waiting in bumper-to-bumper traffic. We were hot, hungry, and tired. And by the time we finally got in to the fair, we only had two hours to spend. Hmmm, maybe we'll know for next time?

Seriously, one of my favorite memories is a spontaneous evening of stargazing and telling stories while wrapped up in blankets under the night sky. Quality bonding time right there. I love stars and friends.

Okay, I can't conclude this post until I include the day we all dressed up as hipster disney princesses all day. Or that time we dressed up as old people for our school's "senior bingo" event and a guy at Braums held the door open for us because he actually thought we were old ladies. (Come to think of it, I wear a lot of costumes in college.)

But regardless of how many huge events or activities you do in college, sometimes the best memories are made in the much smaller, simpler aspects of life. Like going out to coffee with a friend and sharing about what God is doing in your life. Or crying with a friend who's struggling. Or taking with your roommate long into the night after the lights have gone off.

I could go on and on about my college experiences that will forever be the best experiences of my life. But the moments I treasure the most will always be the moments spend with people, simply living the life God has called us to, together.

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